What is SpiritStrength?

It's what makes us different. The soul behind strength.

It's a philosophy and approach that unites mind and body training practices to elevate you to your next level of wellness. We take a holistic approach to training, understanding the deep and powerful connection between our intentions, thoughts, breath, and body. 

Imagine if you could take the strength and conditioning techniques from Crossfit and infuse it with a yogi approach. 

Yoga. Union of Mind + Body. Meet your Strength Training Partner. 



experience Valia Lifestyle's SpiritStrength Sessions



What does a class look like?

We start off with presence, centering our intention with breathing practices leading into the warming up and activation techniques based on that session's strength focus. 

As Partner Pairs, we go through a series of strength training movements in sequence. Back Squat, Deadlift, Strict Press, Chest Press, Rows. With Barbells + Weights. That's right, we ensure inclusion of all the foundational strength training exercises that form the foundation of endurance and power. 

In between sets we include several breathing techniques from Eastern mind-body practices to help set up our mind and body for seeing results while feeling powerful and focused.

Our final component brings it back in, with restorative and complementary yoga asanas and a guided meditation to discover that next level of zen. 

How many people are in the class?

We keep the classes intimate with a small group private training setting of up to 6 participants. 

Where is this located?

Lift Gym: 139 E 57th St (between Lexington and 3rd)

Can I do this as a private session?

Yes, we offer SpiritStrength as a private training experience, focused on your individual needs for a custom program blending the best of strength training with mindfulness practices. Find out more about our one on one sessions here. 

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