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Anjai Shields

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer & Sport and Exercise Nutritionist

Dr. Ingrid Edshteyn

Founder & Board Certified Preventive Medicine Physician

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Robert Taylor

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Nutrition Coach

What's your wellness goal?

Enhancing Energy

Increasing Strength

Looking Lean

Feeling Focused?

Holistic Primary Care Program

Our mind + body system for a deeper level of authentic health


A Doctor-Designed Preventive Medicine Program for Health Performance

  • Comprehensive medical evaluation + physical assessment

    • Sleep, stress, strengths, nutrition, fitness & supplements

  • Clinical Laboratory Testing

    • liver + kidney, lipids, glucose, inflammation, thyroid, VitD, +

  • Optional advanced laboratory testing :

    • Optimal Nutrition Evaluation

    • Gut Health & Food Sensitivities

    • Genomics

    • Hormones

  • Strength and Conditioning Fitness Assessment

  • Custom Program

    • Clean + Lean Nutrition Plan

    • Supportive Supplements

    • Fitness Programming

    • Tailored Restorative Movement

Reviews of Valia Lifestyle:

I absolutely love Dr. Ingrid! She's kind, caring and genuinely concerned about HEALTH care. Her advice and direction are leading me toward better health, not just managing sickness. Thank you Dr. Ingrid!” T.N. 5/2/19

Best doctor I’ve ever been to. Extremely good bedside manner. Doesn’t miss a thing. Very easy to talk to.” N.F 4/30/19

“Dr. Ingrid Edshteyn is fantastic! Highly recommend!!” T.C. 4/16/19

“Dr. Ingrid continues to be the gold standard for primary care. Even during routine follow up visits she is exceedingly thorough, taking time to cross every "t" and dot every "i". As they say in the business world, do a common thing uncommonly well and people will beat a path to your door. If you're looking for a new PCP, don't think twice, she's the best around” C.M. 2/7/19

“Dr. Edshteyn is the doctor everyone wishes to have but rare to find in today’s era. She was thorough, patient, and addressed every concern . She asked questions that no physician had ever asked or cared, and she actually read the charts that are handed to her that takes 30 min to complete and most doctors don’t even look at it. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you” H.R. 10/4/18

“She’s amazing.” K.P. 2/21/18