Holistic Health Performance

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A Holistic Approach to Executive Health

Why Now?

Our current systems for health and wellness are scattered, impersonal, and lacking substance. What we have been searching for is  an approach that values the integration of mind+body with modern preventive medicine.  The ancient eastern healing and wisdom traditions focus on deep personal transformation, which is the true core of health performance. The next level layers of data integration come from clinical lab analysis and biometrics, for an exceptionally comprehensive understanding of your self. Our purpose: to co-create your personalized and comprehensive roadmap that will invigorate your authentic self.


Holistic Executive Health Exam

 Yes! Covered by most major health insurances!

Classic Medical Evaluation (30 minutes)

  • History & Physical Examination
  • Plus Bioelectric Impedance Analysis
  • Plus discovery of sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, and supplements
  • Core labs (liver + kidney/lipids/glucose/inflammation/thyroid/VitD/+)

Follow-up Appointments (20 minutes)

  • Review Labs + Personalized 5 point Lifestyle Design
  • Upgrades: One hour Mind/Body tailored program + nutrition design

Ultimate Holistic Health Performance

For those who want deep insights of what's “underneath the hood” and a total action plan:

Everything in the classic medical evaluation plus  no rush, comprehensive component analysis with additional mind + body health (60 minutes) $249

Optional laboratory testing available:



Gut Health

Program Design (2 follow-up sessions): Diving into your custom lifestyle revamp with a personalized fitness, nutrition and supplement protocol (45 minutes $85 each)