Ready for a Summer ReBoot?

Long weekends .... good friends ... relaxing by the water ... kombucha on draft ... sounds like a fun and refreshing summer ahead!

With July right at our doorstep, your wellness and fitness reboot is likely about to get into high gear, getting prepped for those beach days and active outings. In need of a re-commitment to eat a wee bit better, get some more movement in, and replenish the spiritual side as the days get hotter?

With all this intention, what about the plan? How do we go about effectively reaching our summer goals with a reboot?  

Can we take insights from key organization concepts to help restructure what’s working and what’s not? To help pave the way for not only a lean and clean eating plan, but also for svelte surroundings? Our habitat shapes many of our auto-pilot actions, driving us to be either more likely to be successful or farther and farther away from our vision of our best daily self.

Here are some ideas from Cornell’s Food & Brand Lab on how to structure yourself for success:

·      Keep counters clear of all foods but healthy ones

·      Avoid eating directly from a package: always pre-portion food

·      Eat something hot for breakfast within the first hour of waking up

·      Avoid going more than 3-4 hours without eating something small

·      Put your utensils down between bites to slow down your eating

In the Summer Reboot, we’ll explore how to set yourself up to be a spectacular success: organizing your life for wellness and a healthy clean eating strategy to take it all to the next level, even with those mojito weekends!


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