Our Programs

A comparison of which program is right for you...


You're feeling: 

  • Your health is at a pivot point

  • Frustrated from trying haphazard wellness programs without a positive outcome

  • Anxious from the build-up and progression of chronic health problems, like high blood pressure or cholesterol

  • Ready to commit to a lifestyle re-design with a multidimensional approach


You’re driven to:

  • Work one-on-one with a Preventive Medicine Board Certified physician to create simple, lasting changes in your life

  • Feel confident and excited about food and how to nourish for strength and vitality

  • Practice mindfulness to relieve tension, diminish anxiety, and aid sleep

  • Enjoy a deep sense of purpose and clarity of self


You're feeling:

  • Ongoing health issues and not enough time for regular activity or healthy eating

  • Confusion as to the many fitness trends and what's right for your unique body

  • Intimidation to start a strength training program that will keep you injury-free

  • Desire to commit to a comprehensive program that has all the food, fitness, and brain training embedded in a one-stop shop


You’re driven to:

  • Engage with an innovative, collaborative model of training, combining fitness with nutrition, body-mind practices and Lifestyle Medicine

  • Take yourself to the next level, not just free from illness, but filled with vitality

  • Transform with a new lifestyle that embeds the science of wellness as a way of life


A comparison between Thrive and Build: