Metabolism Boost Rx

with Integrative Fitness

Does it feel like you've tried so many diet plans leaving you feeling restricted and hangry, spent a number of hours on the cardio machines running, cycling, and spinning, gone to a bunch of barre, pilates, and boot camp classes, but still feel like you're not getting to where you want to be with your 2017 goals?

Wondering what you're missing?

A simple, systematic strength-based program in combination with a clean + lean integrative eating & active recovery plan. 

Why does the strength matter?

Well, all weight loss is not created equal. It comes from a combination of both fat mass and fat-free mass; the loss of fat-free mass (FFM) results in a decreased resting metabolic rate (RMR). This decrease in RMR can slow your overall weight loss process and decreases the chances of maintaining your weight after the whole restriction phase.  

Bu there's hope! The good news is that performing strength training while maintaining a high quality nutrition plan can offset the loss of that precious FFM.

How is this magic happening?

Strength training increases Resting Metabolic Rate and enhances Fat Oxidation. So what does this mean? In combo with your cardio, it's critical in reaching your health and fitness goals. 


Injured before? Not sure of what to do? Is the form and technique right? Nervous to jump into all the barbells, weight plates and grunting guys picking up and putting down heavy things?

This is our specialty - mindful strength training - and an integrative fitness philosophy.  We begin with a comprehensive wellness medicine and fitness assessment to get the complete picture of your health, your concerns, and your big-picture vision. We then custom craft a foundational strength training plan in combination with a personalized therapeutic movement series. This is Balanced Strength. Add our clean eating nutrition program and you're on your way to the Vibrant Life!

How do I find out if this is right for me?

We would love to get to know you better and learn about your fitness and wellness goals. Sign up for a complimentary wellness consult to learn which program is right for you!