Doctor-Designed Holistic Fitness

At Valia, we are driven by the core principle that with the right science-based training program, you have the power to create lasting change for your mind, body, and life.

We know that It’s frustrating between the fitness fads and wellness soundbites to find a simple and complete solution that works. This is our special method – designing your personal program that breaks through the root causes keeping you from vibrant health.

Our program comes with all you need on your wellness wish list:

Improving Energy

Getting Strong

Looking Lean

Feeling Supercharged that you can take on the day. 


What's included?

  • Private Integrative Fitness Training:

    • Personalized Strength & Conditioning Program

    • Cardio Training Guide

    • Clean + Lean Nutrition Plan to make sure you’ve got the energy to rock through the day and keep your mind focused

    • Hand-crafted active recovery program (because we’re all into the yoga + mindfulness)


  • Doctor-Designed Lifestyle Medicine Program

    • Comprehensive health & lifestyle assessment

    • Biometric & Lab Testing to discover the imbalances & inflammation keeping you from getting well

    • One on One consulting with a specific nutrition plan tailored to your goals