Holiday Packages

Health for the Holidays Packages


5 Day Reset Program

A curated collection to help navigate 5 days of getting back in form with our RESET program

Are you ready for a head start on your health? Post one too many holiday parties and prepping for the New Year's Bash? This program was made to make it simple, defining the 3-parts you need to be fit & fab: focusing on streamlined clean eating, plus the fitness and mind-body combo to ensure you stick if out for ringing in the New Year with some extra panache. 

5 Day Reset includes:

  • Reset Program Guide with the key Cleanse Do's & Don'ts 
  • 5 days of Plant-Powered Paleo recipes (budget-friendly, easy peasy prep) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with daily email support 
  • Daily Therapeutic Movement exercises to Increase Energy & Promote Healing
  • Daily 5-minute Mind-Body Training Series for Focus & Calm

AVAILABLE: 12/26 - 12/30

  • Digital-Only: $19

  • Add-on:

    • Lifestyle Medicine Consultation & Baseline Biometrics

      • Clinical History

      • Resting Metabolic Rate evaluation with Breezing

      • Muscle Quality and Body Fat % with the Skulpt Scanner

      •  $79 for total package

      • Must enroll by 12/26 for in-person assessments


10 Day Refresh Program

Available: January 2, 2017

Set yourself up for an incredible 2017 with a powerful REFRESH Program to get yourself in gear with healthy new habits and a sustainable lifestyle. 


  • Lifestyle Medicine Consultation with Dr. Ingrid to dive into your health goals
    • Pre/Post biometrics & body composition analysis
      • Resting Metabolic Rate evaluation with Breezing 

      • Muscle Quality and Body Fat % with the Skulpt Scanner

      • Lifestyle Fitness Evaluation: Heart rate, blood pressure, waist-hip ratio, functional movements

  • 10 days of the Refresh Nutrition Package
    • Your ready-made guide to the Cleanse 10-Day Protocol
    • Professional Grade Plant-Powered Protein Formula
      • 26 incredible grams of 100% Vegan & Gluten Free Protein
      • Cleanse Support for gut & liver health with micronutrients
      • Plus Probiotics for optimal digestive function
  • 10 days of Strength Training techniques to keep up your lean muscle mass and metabolism while on the cleanse
  • Mindfulness Training series for improving mood and increasing resilience sent daily to your inbox
  • $159 for total package

Must enroll by 12/29 for in-person assessments

Interested in a personalized Clean Eating Plan with our Integrative Nutritionist, Francesca Alfano?

In 3 sessions with Francesca in the Foundations Trio Plan:

  • Explore your current food and health needs with a detailed nutrition evaluation
  • Look into food sensitivities, allergens, and see how it connects with any symptoms
  • Develop a custom plan that includes healing whole foods and evidence-based supplement recommendations
  • Support included through the transition to creating the new you
  • Total: $150

Interested in organic, made from scratch, delivered to your door, 100% gluten and dairy free meals?

We partner with Sakara & Provenance Meals for your amazingly delicious New Year's Refresh meal delivery with multi-day options. Let us know if you're interested in this NYC based solution for busy New Yorkers!

Ready to Commit for the In-Depth 3 month THRIVE Experience?

Then join us for Thrive, which includes 3 months of your own personal health coach to keep you on track and our 360 degree app for the latest and greatest in fitness and nutrition, staying connected each step of the way toward phenomenal wellness.