What if you could do more? Go bigger and live bolder - would you do it?

Take your body beyond your goals with Build, our three-month fitness program tailored to your one-of-a-kind health and wellness profile.

Led by our Valia team of integrative fitness trainers, nutritionists, and a lifestyle medicine physician, Build approaches your fitness needs from all sides, helping you making practical, sustainable changes so you can see real, lasting results.

We use movement, strength and conditioning training, and body-mind recovery practices to improve your endurance for long, busy days, enhance physiological recovery, and help you make smarter, healthier choices.

Build is an innovative program meant to strengthen your commitment to self. Valia personal trainers work in tandem with our lifestyle medicine physician and nutritionist to personalize your Build experience as much as possible. Together our entire team shows you how to activate your body and mind in alignment with your immediate and long-term health and fitness goals.

When you join Build you can expect comprehensive training and empowering care, including:


  • 7 Lifestyle Medicine consultations with Dr. Ingrid to understand and design for your unique lifestyle and goals

  • Clinical biometrics, including body composition, metabolic rate, and advanced lab testing to personalize your wellness plan

  • 16 private fitness training sessions with the trainer best suited for your clinical and wellness profile, plus access to our 360 fitness coaching to help boost motivation and stay focused

  • Personalized whole foods and supplement plan based on your Lifestyle Medicine assessment & clinical biometrics

  • 10 one-on-one lifestyle coaching sessions to help you remain confident and navigate the wellness journey

  • Access to our digital companion app for your nutrition, fitness, & coaching

You can do more, and you can do it right now.


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